Subproject 7

Competence Development and Educational Decisions of Immigrant Children in Primary and Secondary School

Subproject 7 investigates the competence development of students with migration background and parental decisions regarding the educational career of their children in primary and lower secondary school. At the current stage, subproject 7 focuses on the following research questions: To what extent are high educational aspirations of parents with a migration background passed on to their children?

  1. Do parents and teenagers with a migration background differ from natives with regard to revision or stabilization of educational decisions made in secondary school?
  2. Which occupational and educational aspirations do teenagers with a migration background have and how do those develop during secondary school?
  3. How does the perception of discrimination influence the development of educational and occupational aspirations as well as revision decisions in secondary school?
  4. To what extent can differences be found between teenagers with a migration background and natives concerning relevant gender specific disparities (e.g. school performance, educational and occupational aspirations)?

Subproject 7 analyzes the quantitative data of the longitudinal study BiKS-8-14, which repeatedly surveys students beginning in third grade of primary school. Moreover, in subproject 7, qualitative interviews with Turkish immigrant parents and their children are conducted.

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