Subproject 6

Formation of decision-making processes in connection with expectations in education and the development of competence: Transitions into primary school

The central aspect of subproject 6 are the ways in which parents and educators deal with primary school, the educational institution following kindergarten. A key phrase of the study is “school-readiness”. The project analyses the understanding parents and educators have of this phrase, if and how they assist their child’s development in this respect. Parents, for instance, have a limited say regarding the age at which their children move on to primary school as well as the choice of the school itself. The study now asks about the preferences for an earlier or later transition into primary school and about the point in time those questions become important. Which views do parents with a Turkish migration-background and the their children’s teachers have? Especially in Bavaria those questions are of special interest since the intended changes of the due dates concerning the age for mandatory school attendance for children will result in younger primary school students there. Subproject 6 examines how the final enrolment decision is formed based on the combined views and plans of the parents, the kindergarten and the chosen primary school. In addition, the success of school enrolment is observed according to the view of parents and children and referring to children's academic skills. Project part 6 especially collaborates with project parts 2 and 5 and will include corresponding questions in the surveys with parents and educators. With a small group of parents – including Turkish-speaking parents from Bavaria and Hesse – open guideline-interviews will be held

Applicant Body

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Faust † (Lehrstuhl für Grundschulpädagogik und Grundschuldidaktik)
Prof. Dr. Hans-Günther Roßbach (Lehrstuhl für Elementar- und Familienpädagogik)

Former Employees