Humboldt Foundation: George Forster Research Fellowship (HERMES)

The Humboldt foundation calls for applications from researchers from developing countries.

Please send your application,

- if you are a researcher with above average qualifications in a developing or transition country,

- if you intend to conduct a long-term research project of your own choice (6 to 24 months) at a research institution in Germany together with an academic host you have chosen yourself,

- if your research project includes aspects that are important for the continued development of your country and

- if you want to contribute to the exchange of knowledge and methods between Germany and your home country.

A monthly fellowship of 2,650 EUR for postdoctoral researchers (doctorate completed within the last four years) or 3,150 EUR for experienced researchers (doctorate completed within the last 12 years) is offered by the fellowship.

For more information please visit: