Welcome to the Jungle - Agriculture at SEGA Bamberg

Last summer semester (SoSe22) students of science education were able to set up a school garden-like field at the vicinity of Bamberg. In cooperation with Acker e.V., the topic of ESD was taught by gaining experiences with practical field work. According to the seminar's theme "from lecture halls to fields and nature", lecturer Yelva Larsen and field coach Andreas Reder focused on teaching agricultural skills in regard to science education. Aspects like preparation of the field itself, planting and sowing and watering methods during the summer's draught were just a few essential topics that have been discussed on a weekly basis. At the end of the seminar, the students were able to harvest more than 20 types of vegetables which were then used as ingredients at a final cooking event. The university's field is looking forward to being once more used and enjoyed in the coming summer semester of 2023.