Teacher-Training Workplace

At our teacher-training workplace all students are encouraged to conduct preparations for teaching lessons or for experiments in general. Material needed can be used at our lab. If you plan to visit the workplace, please make an appointment with Mrs. Tanja Zacher in advance.

Microscopes, binoculars, biological models, chemicals, labs and house animals (fish, walking sticks, honey bees) can be used for testing your lesson preparations. 

Please be reminded that specific regulations apply when implementing living animals in one of your classes.

opening hours

The teaching-trainer workplace opens on wednesdays from 10-12am on a regular basis. Please, make an appointment with Mrs. Tanja Zacher via email. This email should include the following information:

  • name of student, topic/content of lesson 
  • list of materials (kind and amount)
  • a rough sketch of the experiment or the prepared lesson