Guest lecture of Johann-von-Spix-Guestprofessor, Prof. Brent Lagesse, PhD

Privacy in a World with Billions of Cameras

Mo, 02.12.2019 |18:15-19:45 o´clock|WE5/00.022


Ever-growing access to inexpensive, wireless camera technology presents people with an opportunity to record more of our lives than ever before.

These devices have enabled us to stay more connected with friends and family, archive parts of our lives that might otherwise be forgotten, and help bring to light incidents of illegal and unethical activities; however, along with these opportunities come additional privacy risks that must be addressed.  In the past few years, there have been numerous incidents reported where people have deployed hidden cameras or remotely compromised devices with existing cameras to spy on others.  This talk will present the techniques that we have developed to detect hidden Wi-Fi cameras with mobile phones.  Additionally, we will discuss new opportunities in privacy-preserving video sharing and crowdsourced auditing of video databases.  With this work, we are striving to create systems that enable the potential of pervasive technology while simultaneously limiting the privacy risks of that technology.

We would like to invite you to a talk given by our guest researcher on Monday, December, 2nd at 18:15 o´clock in our lecture room (WE5/00.022).

After the lecture there will be a small reception in the foyer with mulled wine, children's punch and gingerbread.