Rafael Kothe, M.Sc.

Feldkirchenstraße 21
Room: F21/02.24



Brief Biography

Rafael Kothe is a doctoral student within the Bamberg Research Training Group on "Bounded Rationality, Heterogeneity and Network Effects" and has been a research assistant at the Chair of Empirical Economics since November 2021. His doctorate is also being funded by a full-time scholarship from the Hans Böckler Foundation.

His research focuses on Behavioral Macroeconomics, the influence of social networks on the formation of inflation expectations, as well as on crucial drivers of inflation in developing, emerging countries and low-income countries.

Rafael Kothe completed a bachelor's degree in business education with a focus on economics at Goethe University in Frankfurt. He then studied European Economic Studies at the Otto Friedrich University of Bamberg and graduated with a M.Sc. degree in December 2020. During his Master's degree, he spent a semester abroad at the Universidad de Huelva in Spain and worked as an intern at several German development cooperation institutions.

For more information see his full CV(40.7 KB).