Jun.-Prof. Dr. Joep Lustenhouwer

Brief biography

Dr. Joep Lustenhouwer completed a master in Econometrics at the University of Amsterdam in 2013 and graduated from the research master of the Tinbergen Institute in Amsterdam/Rotterdam in 2014. He subsequently worked on his PhD Thesis titled “Monetary and Fiscal Policy under Heterogeneous Expectations and Bounded Rationality” at the university of Amsterdam, which he will defend in October. In April 2017 Dr. Joep Lustenhouwer started as Postdoctoral Researcher at the Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg, at the chair of Prof. Proaño.

For more information see his full CV(164.8 KB, 4 pages).

Fields of Research

Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy, Zero lower bound on the Nominal Interest Rate, Behavioral Macroeconomics and Expectation Formation and Experimental Macroeconomics


Hommes, C.H., Lustenhouwer, J. & K. Mavromatis (2018), Fiscal Consolidations and Heterogeneous Expectations. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control  87, 173-205. link

Working Papers:

Lustenhouwer J. (2018),
Fiscal Stimulus in an Expectation Driven Liquidity Trap.
BERG Working Paper 138(511.1 KB, 59 pages) Universität Bamberg

Ahrens S., J. Lustenhouwer & M. Tettamanzi (2018),
The Stabilizing Role of Forward Guidance: A Macro Experiment.
BERG Working Paper 137(686.1 KB, 48 pages) Universität Bamberg

Hommes, C.H. & J. Lustenhouwer (2017),
Managing Unanchored, Heterogeneous Expectations and Liquidity Traps.
BERG Working Paper 131(1.8 MB, 52 pages) University of Bamberg 

Lustenhouwer, J. & K. Mavromatis (2017),
Fiscal Consolidations and Finite Planning Horizons.
BERG Working Paper 130(679.8 KB, 62 pages) University of Bamberg 

Hommes, C.H. & J. Lustenhouwer (2015),
Inflation Targeting and Liquidity Traps under Endogenous Credibility.
CeNDEF Working paper 15-03 University of Amsterdam pdf(562.4 KB, 66 pages)