Ekaterina Jürgens M.Sc.

External PhD Candidate

Feldkirchenstraße 21
Room F21/02.24
Tel. 0951-863-1513

E-Mail: ekaterina-juergens(at)boeckler.de

Brief Biography

Ekaterina Jürgens studied Public Relations at the Far Eastern National University in Vladivostok, Russia, and International Business at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences. She completed her master studies in Economics (M.Sc.) at the University of Cologne in 2019. Her master thesis „On the Design of a European Unemployment Insurance” investigated the stabilisation effects of a supranational unemployment scheme with the help of a dynamic equilibrium model. Ekaterina Jürgens is a PhD student at the Professorship for Economics, esp. Macroeconomics and International Finance since May 2020. During her PhD, she works at the Macroeconomic Policy Institute (IMK) of the Hans-Böckler-Foundation in Düsseldorf, where she is involved in research projects on government investment and fiscal policy.

Fields of Research

Government investment and debt, fiscal rules, bounded rationality, applied macroeconomics