Periods abroad during your studies

It is possible to incorporate at least one stay abroad into your master’s programme in Historical Geography. This includes both studies abroad and periods spent abroad as part of the mandatory internship. You can find all the essential information on studying abroad on the International Office’s website(in German).

Due to the short overall duration of the master’s programme and the time it takes to organise a semester abroad, you should start thinking about whether you want to study abroad as early as possible. The application deadlines for a period abroad in your third semester of study may already end a few weeks after you start your studies if you begin in the winter semester.

Cooperations with partner universities abroad

The Professorship for Historical Geography cooperates in particular with researchers and teaching staff at Charles University in Prague and at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. There we have specific contacts who are available to help you organise studies abroad in the Czech Republic or in Hungary. A period abroad at these universities is particularly suitable if you would like to establish a regional focus area in Eastern Central Europe as part of your master’s degree programme in Bamberg.

Historical Geography is also taught at various other universities in Europe and beyond. To find out what each university’s particular focus areas in teaching and research are, it can be helpful to take a look at the International Conference of Historical Geographers’ website. This is the most important international conference for networking amongst historical geographers. By taking a look at the programmes of past conferences, you’ll get an impression of which universities are an option for you with their historical-geographical focus areas.

We have a wide range of contacts around the world and can support you in selecting a suitable university for your period abroad. Please get in touch with our subject advisory service to this end. 

Recognition of examination and course credit obtained abroad

If you take part in the Erasmus programme and want to have credits obtained abroad recognised at Bamberg, please organise an appointment with the subject advisor during their office hours before you go abroad. Together, the suitability of the courses that you wish to have recognised will be checked and a recognition agreement will be completed. Please have the necessary information for this process available.

Periods of study and examination components that have been completed in similar or other programmes at universities abroad are recognised in accordance with Section 7 of the General Examination Regulations (Allgemeine Prüfungsordnung; APO) for bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes within the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Bamberg.

If you have any questions on credit recognition, you can also contact the international coordinator for the Faculty of Humanities Dr. Katharina E. Scheffner.