Dr. Tommaso Mari

Dr. Tommaso Mari a classicist with a focus on historical linguistics, the history of linguistics, and the manuscript transmission and textual criticism of the Latin classics.
He was born in Italy and has studied in Pisa (BA, MA) and Oxford (PhD). He was a postdoc in Bamberg and Cambridge.

During his time in Bamberg, Tommaso scrutinized the Acts for any traces of orality revealed by linguistic oddities; also, he investigated the often highly complex relationships between the Latin and Greek versions of the Acts. 


a) Books

  • Pauca de barbarismo collecta de multis : studio ed edizione critica. (= Testi e studi di cultura classica 66). Pisa 2017.

  • Consentius' De barbarismis et metaplasmis. Critical Edition, Translation, and Commentary. Oxford 2021.