Prof. Dr. Lieve Van Hoof

Lieve Van Hoof, currently on sabbatical in Bamberg and working with Peter Riedlberger's ERC-project on late antique council acts, is a Research Professor (BOF-ZAP) within the UGent History Department, also associated with the Department of Literary Studies.

Trained as a classicist, historian, and political scientist, she studies the socio-political role of Greek and Latin literature under the Roman Empire, from the first to the sixth century A.D. Currently, her research focuses on Greek and Latin letters, and what they tell us about lobbying in Late Antiquity (ca. 300- 600 A.D.).

Before coming to Ghent, Lieve held academic positions, fellowships and scholarships at Oxford and Exeter (U.K.), Göttingen and Bonn (Germany), and Leuven (Belgium), where she obtained her Ph.D. in 2006.