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DigiTrain VET

DigiTrain VET - Requirements for in-company training personnel with regard to the design of learning environments in digitized vocational training systems.

Abstract: The digital transformation is changing the processes as well as the organization of in-company work. This leads to changed competence requirements and brings with it the need for in-company training and continuing education to promote a professional capacity of employees for increasingly digitally structured processes. Although this objective is an international consensus among stakeholders in vocational education and training, the way to achieve this goal is usually unclear. For this reason, the challenges and the operational and didactic strategies for implementing the digital transformation in in-company training will be identified on the basis of problem-centered interviews with process managers (functional experts) and training managers (training experts) in 10 large companies in Germany and Brazil. Specifically, functional departments and in-company training departments in companies in the automotive industry will be surveyed about changes in work and business processes in the course of the digital transformation and about didactic concepts guiding action in this context.

The central research interests of this project are:

  • What changes are occurring in work and business processes as a result of the digital transformation in the automotive industry?
  • In what way and with what concepts has in-company education and training taken up these changes so far, combined with the goal of preparing employees for coping with digitally structured work processes through vocational education and training?
  • Which didactic-organizational reference concepts can be observed in the course of the digital transformation and where is there a need for development?

Cooperation partner: Instituto Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (IFRS; website: