Registration for the course and examination in WS2021/2022

Dear students, 

please note the registration deadlines for the courses in WS2021/2022!

Registration for the decentralized courses (seminars) via FlexNow and homepage (!!!): 07.10.2021 (00.00 h) - 13.10.2021 (24.00 h)

Registration for the decentralized exams (seminars): 14.10.2021 (18.00 h) - 18.10.2021 (12.00 h)

You can find the registration via the homepage here.

The first lecture in the course Grundlagen des Innovationsmanagementswill take place on 27.09.2021. Further information on the registration and implementation of the course (lecture + exercise) will be announced before the start of lectures in a separate notification. To register for the exam in this module, the dates of the examination office apply (registration for central examinations).

Many greetings
your chair