Study history in the World Heritage city of Bamberg

Have you always wanted to know how the modern societies that exist in the present day developed?

The focus of this programme is on dealing with specific historical issues ranging from ancient times to the present on the basis of modern research findings and independent work with historical sources. This means, for example, examining parameters that enable us to interpret the vestiges and repercussions of historical events in our immediate and wider environment and placing occurrences and facts within a wider historical context. These parameters include politics, society, the economy, culture, ideas and mentalities. To this end, this programme teaches the fundamental theories and concepts of the discipline and selects key events and issues in history from ancient to modern times to be examined in depth.

The programme at a glance

Final Examination

Bachelor’s Examination (accompanying the programme)

DegreeBachelor of Arts
ECTS Points

180 (History + General Studies, a further major subject or minor subjects, bachelor’s thesis)

Programme Configurations
  • Core subject with 150 ECTS points
  • Major subject with 75 ECTS points
  • Minor subject with 45 ECTS points
  • Minor subject with 30 ECTS points
Standard Programme Duration6 semesters
Progreamme StartWinter or summer semester
Type of StudiesFull time and part time possible
InternshipMandatory internship (only with History as a core or major subject)

History as part of a teacher training programme

At the University of Bamberg, you can study History for teaching in the following types of school:

  • History for Gymnasien
  • History for Realschulen
  • History as a teaching subject (Unterrichtsfach) for Grund- und Mittelschulen
  • History as a didactical subject (Didaktikfach) for Grund- und Mittelschulen

Information on teacher training programmes

Do you want to study History as a minor subject?

Have you already chosen your major subject and want to combine it with History as a minor subject? You can study History as a minor subject in the following configurations:

  • Minor subject with 30 ECTS points
  • Minor subject with 45 ECTS points

Information on multi-subject bachelor’s programmes(in German)


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