Alongside the necessary general university entrance qualification, you should also have sound knowledge of English and a further modern language or Latin in order to be successful in this programme. We highly recommend that all students continue to develop their foreign language skills.

For students of History as a core subject, it is obligatory to complete two language modules as part of this subject; students of History as a major subject may take one language module as part of this subject. In addition to this, the free language courses offered by the Language Centre are also available to all students and can be completed within the General Studies component.

In order to ensure your studies are a success, you should also be interested in carrying out in-depth detective work, enjoy analytical thinking, be curious about dealing with a wide range of historical sources and be willing to explore potential professional fields.

You can start this degree programme in the summer or winter semester. The University of Bamberg’s Academic Registrar’s Office handles enrolment.

Still have questions?

Do you still have questions about the curriculum or the admissions requirements? The University of Bamberg’s Central Student Advisory Service is happy to help you with any questions. Specific questions about the curriculum can be answered by the subject advisor. You can find their contact details under Contacts.