Why study Geography in Bamberg?

This programme covers a wide curriculum from the fields of human geography and physical geography. The aim is to provide students with a solid, geographical foundation, with perspectives from both the natural sciences and social sciences, that qualifies them for the professional world but also serves as a starting point for pursuing master’s studies in Social and Population Geography or Historical Geography in Bamberg.

The breadth of this programme relates to both the curriculum and – uniquely – the methods it covers. This includes physical geography laboratory and field methods, methods for qualitative and quantitative social research and – a particular feature of the Bamberg programme – methods from the field of historical geography for the analysis of archival sources and documents, maps and images, as well as material sources and tangible heritage. This is complemented by a solid education in cartography, statistics, geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing.

Teaching in Geography therefore particularly covers climatology, geomorphology, soil geography, hydrology, vegetation geography and ecology, social geography, population geography, urban geography, settlement geography and economic geography. Bamberg also offers you the particular opportunity to establish a focus area in Historical Geography. It is also possible to select from a wide range of minor subjects and therefore establish further specialisations.