Despite numerous awareness and reporting campaigns and a growth rate of around ten percent over the last five years, there is still no comprehensive solution to counteract cyberbullying and hate speech. As part of the BMBF project CYLENCE, a diverse consortium of research and development partners is aiming to develop an innovative solution to detect, report and treat cyber abuse more effectively. The Chair of AI Engineering in Business is working with the Chair of Information Systems and Digital Transformation at the University of Potsdam and under the leadership of the Chair of Science and Technology for Peace and Security at the Technical University of Darmstadt to find a solution to this critical problem. In their quest for strategies and tools to detect and analyze public data using artificial intelligence (AI) and innovative channels to report cyber abuse, they are supported by Virtimo AG and work with associated partners, including the Hessen CyberCompetenceCenter (Hessen3C) and the Hessian Ministry of the Interior. 

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