Abstract, colorful illustration of a city resembling Odense, Denmark combined with some data visualizationsCreated through DALL-E

Our Research at EuroVis 2024

We will be presenting at the EuroVis 2024 conference in Odense, Denmark, where we will share our latest work through a short paper and two posters.

Short Paper Presentation: Dynamic Set Visualization

Our short paper focuses on dynamic set visualization. This empirical study compares three state-of-the-art set visualization approaches through a user study. The insights gained will help improve the understanding and effectiveness of these visualizations. [Paper]

Poster Presentations:

  1. Data-Driven Storytelling with Public Transport Data: We present an approach to data-driven storytelling in virtual reality, using public transport data to communicate travel times within the local bus network to a broad audience. This method aims to enhance the accessibility and understanding of transport data, and includes plans for audio narration. [Paper]
  2. Part-to-Whole Visualizations: This poster explores the design space of part-to-whole visualizations, discussing various aspects of visual encoding. Our goal is to contribute to the development of effective visualization techniques for representing part-to-whole relationships. [Paper]

We look forward to engaging with the community and sharing our findings at EuroVis 2024.