Regulations and Documents

Programme Regulations

The formal frame of study, specifying degree and exam regulations as well as the prescribed course programme for the bachelors course in Software Systems Science is laid down in the following documents:

Note:  Only the German versions of the above regulatory documents are university-official and legally binding.

Module Handbooks and Module Tables

In order to find out which module offerings are available in the WIAI Faculty for your degree course you can consult the module handbook. The module handbook lists all course modules offered within the degree programme and gives detailed description of the contents, ECTS credit volume, mode of delivery, form of assessment etc.  The module handbook also contains the module tables. These tell you which modules you may take (elective units) or must take (mandatory units) to fulfil your study requirements. Supplementary information and, if applicable, references to additional short-term courses can be found in the information provided by the examination board.

    Current versions

    older versions

Sample Study Plans

The study plans below give exemplary schedules of modules that you may follow in order to fulfil the requirements of the degree programme within the regular study period. The four versions cover different study scenarios, distinguishing whether you start in the winter or summer semester and whether you study full-time or part-time.

However, note that these study plans are examples only. You may and should make your own personal choice of electives according to your study and specialisation interests.

Important note: In case of doubt please contact the degree programme advisor (Fachstudienberater) at the beginning of your first semester. He will help you setting up your own personalised study plan in accordance with the programme examination regulations.

First semester introductory brochures

The current and previous versions of the first semester introductory brochure can be found on the web pages of the WIAI Fachschaft.