B.Sc. Software Systems Science

Programme Abstract

Today, software is an accompanying feature of everyday life, be it in the household or in the workplace, on public transport, at the doctor or on holiday travels. Ever more activities are being aided by networked computer systems; the required software is becoming more complex, but it must also be highly dependable. The aim of the Software Systems Science bachelor’s programme is to prepare students both technically and methodically for all fields of activity necessary for the design and analysis of complex and distributed software systems employing modern methods.

The degree is characterized by a highly modern computer science programme. To begin with, it provides essential mathematical and general foundational principles of computer science, with the focus placed not on computer science’s hardware-specific, technical aspects, but rather on the conceptual design, architecture and development of modern software. Building on these foundations, students deepen their understanding of programming and software development and of complex and distributed systems. In this phase, students choose their own areas of focus, and current research and industrial trends are incorporated into the curriculum.

In addition, students acquire valuable subject-specific and interdisciplinary knowledge and skills by participating in team projects and studies abroad at a partner university or in multi-month internships at foreign or internationally operating domestic companies. Teamwork skills and international experience play important roles in the dynamic professional lives of computer scientists, and they also broaden the professional perspectives of programme graduates.

The degree programme at a glance

Short Profile of the Degree Programme
Final ExaminationBachelor's Examination (accompanying the programme)
TitleBachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Standard Programme Duration6 Semesters
Programme StartPossible in both winter and summer semesters
Type of StudiesFull-time and part-time possible

Accreditation and system accreditation

The bachelor’s degree programme in Software Systems Science was accredited in 2013. This means that students now benefit from a programme whose structure and curriculum fulfill all of the accreditation council’s quality criteria.

Currently, the University of Bamberg is in the process of system accreditation. While at the end of 2016 the procedure began formally with the confirmation of the admission requirements, the University is currently close to completion: At the end of February 2018, the University of Bamberg was commited the second time by a group of experts commissioned by the accreditation agency ACQUIN. As a result, the expert group honored the quality management system of the University of Bamberg with a recommendation to award the seal of the Accreditation Council. The official result and any conditions are expected during the summer months. Further information can be found in the QM ServiceNet

Interactive Software Systems Sciene

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