Child benefits and parental leave

The Equal Opportunity Officer is committed to assisting faculty and students alike in finding a healthy balance between work and family obligations. You can find information on current legal requirements and financial aid on this page.

Here is a brief overview of potential benefits:

  • You may take up to three years of parental leave to devote yourself caring for and educating your child
  • Under certain conditions, you can receive federal childcare allowance for the first 24 months of your child's life.
  • If the necessary requirements are met, you can receive Bavarian state-funded childcare allowance when the child is three years old (after the federal aid period ends).
  • A so-called maternity protection period for expecting and new mothers begins six weeks before the child’s due date and ends approximately eight weeks after the child is born.

You can find comprehensive information on this subject on the Bavarian Centre for Families and Social Affairs (ZBFS) website under the following link: (English-language site)

The University of Bamberg’s Family Services Office is committed to improving the compatibility of family and student or professional life. Anyone involved with the university who has or is expecting children – be it students or members of staff – can receive support, advice and information from the Family Services Office, i.e. on childcare offerings. The University of Bamberg is a certificated as a family-friendly university. Information on our family-friendly programmes can be found at

You may also contact us with any questions.