Tasks of the Equal Opportunities Officers

When performing these tasks, the Equal Opportunity Officer:

  • is sworn to secrecy and does not share personal information or confidential matters without the consent from the person involved;
  • advises and supports on equality issues. However, all employees may contact the equality officer directly;
  • works in a confidential manner with elected personnel representatives and the Head of Administration, Human Resources and Finance;
  • participates in all matters of fundamental importance for equal opportunities between women and men, on issues of compatibility family and career/ studying and the safeguarding of such equal opportunities; the officer’s duties also include drafting job advertisements, taking part in the selection process for job interviews and the selection decisions insofar as these positions are ones in which women are clearly underrepresented or if a selection decision between men and women has to be made with equal aptitude and competence;
  • participates in organizational and structural issues of the departments;
  • has the right to speak directly to the Head of Administration, Human Resources and Finance and to the President;
  • is to be informed at an early stage when general principles for awarding performance bonuses and merit bonuses are drafted for the academic support division.