Equal Opportunity Concept

(Please note that English translations of German laws are not legally binding and only the original German version is relevant for official concerns.)

"Men and women have equal rights. The state promotes the effective enforcement of equal rights for women and men and works towards eliminating existing disadvantages". (Artikel 3 Absatz 2 des Grundgesetzes der Bundesrepublik Deutschland)

Equal Opportunity Concept of the University of Bamberg 

For the first time at the University of Bamberg, a joint equal opportunity concept has been created for both the academic staff and the academic support division. The concept was decided on at the University of Bamberg’s senate XXIII in its 10th meeting on 17 July 2019. It contains an analysis of the current situation, from which the goals and measures for equal opportunities for men and women were derived and which are to be implemented over the next five years during the validity period of the concept. Achieving equality between men and women is a legal mandate that we are fulfilling by implementing this concept. Persons to be particularly addressed in the concept include those in charge of personnel (i.e. those with supervisory roles), as well as all employees of the university.

The University of Bamberg's equal opportunity concept aims to facilitate equality between women and men in the public sector. This is to be achieved by:

  • increasing the proportion of women in sectors in which they are employed in significantly fewer numbers than men
  • implementing purposeful measures to ensure equal opportunities for women and men
  • taking steps to improve the compatibility of family responsibilities and career and/or studies