Style Sheet for Scientific Papers

Here you will find detailed information on what your term paper should look like if you want to submit it to me. The advantage for you is the "legal certainty" that you thus know very precisely what I expect from you; on the other hand, you may find it a disadvantage that I insist on strict compliance with these regulations!

This text is considerably more extensive than comparable texts by many colleagues. This is due to the fact that it does not only deal with the most necessary rules for student papers, but rather claims to explain the entire formalities and formatting customs for publishing in the field of modern linguistics. It is based on years of experience in correcting student papers.

If you are doing a written paper with me, you should go through the style sheet at the very beginning and mark with a highlighter all the passages that you find surprising. You should keep it handy while you are working. Before submitting the finished work to me, you should use the style sheet to check one last time that you have really adhered to everything.


Style Sheet Seminar Papers(658.1 KB, 19 pages)