Rana Tootoonchi

PhD Student

Doctoral project Rana Tootoonchi (first supervisor Mona Hess)

HeriTwinneD: Digital Twin Application in Heritage Buildings. Start: November 2023.

Doctoral thesis as part of the Bamber Graduate School for Smart City Science within the Smart City Research Lab (with the city of  Bamberg). Second supervisor: Prof. Dr. Daniela Nicklas (Mobilab, Informatik, Uni Bamberg). DAAD doctoral scholarship.

Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg/ University of Bamberg
Digital Technologies in Heritage Conservation
Office: ZW4/01.25

Am Zwinger 4 (Villa)
D-96047 Bamberg
Email: rana.tootoonchi[at]uni-bamberg.de

2016-2019 University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

Master’s Degree: Conservation and Restoration of Architectural Heritage

Dissertation topic: Adaptive reuse of heritage buildings using MCDM method


2011-2016 University of Guilan, Rasht, Iran

Bachelor’s Degree: Architectural Engineering

Dissertation: Designing a cultural-religious center in Tehran.


  • Tootoonchi R, Moradi S, Fadaei Nezhad S. Multi-criteria Decision Making for Adaptive Reuse of Nima Yooshij’s House in Tehran. CIAUJ 2022; 7 (1) :153-171. http://dx.doi.org/10.52547/ciauj.7.1.153

  • Tootoonchi, R., & Fadaei Nezhad Bahramjerdi, S. 2021. Evaluation Criteria for Adaptive Reuse of Heritage Buildings to Assign Educational Use, (Case Study: School of Conservation and Restoration). Armanshahr Architecture & Urban Development Journal. 13(33), 39-52. Doi: 10.22034/AAUD.2020.198337.1969

  • Tootoonchi, R., “Adaptive Reuse of Architectural Heritage in Documents, Regulations and National Projects”. 2019. Quarterly Journal of Ideh, 20-29.


Conference Paper

  • Tootoonchi, R., Faraji, F., & Mehrtash, M. 2019. Evaluation Criteria for Adaptive Reuse of Modern Architecture, (Case study: Qasr Museum-Garden). International Conference on Conservation of 20th Century Heritage from Architecture to Landscape, Tehran. https://civilica.com/doc/907471