Coordination and Organization of the DFG Priority Programme 1646 on “Education as a Lifelong Process. Analyzing Data of the National Educational Panel Study (NEPS)”

Funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG); Grant to Sabine Weinert (University of Bamberg) and Hans-Peter Blossfeld (European University Institute, Florence, Italy)

The coordination project supports the work of the individual projects of the SPP 1646 by providing an efficient infrastructure which offers interdisciplinary and cross-project activities. The main objectives of the coordination project are the organization of conferences, colloquia and workshops. These events serve as a forum in which research results of the individual projects can be discussed, synergies between individual projects are pooled as well as an interdisciplinary discourse is promoted. In addition, interdisciplinary collaborations are encouraged and supported. Another key objective is to support young scientists within the individual projects. A special program for young scientists will be offered within two Summer Schools which contain a mix of theoretical courses and methodological workshops to strengthen the skills and knowledge of PhD students and postdocs in the field of empirical educational research. Furthermore, the coordination project is responsible for the maintenance and further development of the website of the SPP 1646 (

Researchers involved in the project: Dr. Gwendolin Blossfeld (1. Funding Phase: Dr. Nora Skopek, 2. Funding Phase: Dr. Lena Nusser)

Further information regarding the individual projects and events of the DFG Priority Programme can be found here.