Prof. Dr. Anna M. Theis-Berglmair

Professor of Communication Sciences / Journalism

Institut für Kommunikationswissenschaft
4. Stock, Raum 04.063 (771.8 KB)
An der Weberei 5
96047 Bamberg
Tel. 0951/863-2158
E-Mail: anna-maria.theis-berglmair(at)

Curriculum Vitae

Date of birth: 1955
1974-79Course of study in Sociology at the University of Trier (Germany)
1979-80Scientific employee at the University of Trier, Faculty of Business Management/Marketing
1980-82Scientific employee at the International Institute of Empirical Social Sciences and Consultation of Politics (INIFES) in Leitershofen/Germany, research in commission for the Ministry of Research and Technology and the Ministry of Traffic
1982-90Scientific employee at the University of Augsburg/Germany, Department of Sociology and Communication Sciences
1984PhD, University of Augsburg, Thesis: “Information campaigns as a method of political intervention. Communication theory and fields of application – the case of evaluation studies”
1984-88Management of two research projects: “Communication and information behaviour in major industrial companies” and “The situation of print media in Puerto Rico” (research and data collection in Puerto Rico autumn 1986)
1991-93Scholarship of the German Research Council (DFG)
1993Habilitation at the University of Hamburg, Thesis: Organizational Communication. Theoretical basis and empirical research.
1993-96Assistant lecturer at the University of Augsburg
1995Deputizing of a chair for Communication Sciences at the Technical University of Dresden/Germany
since 1996Professor of Communication Sciences at the University of Bamberg


Further activities:

Member of the "German Association for Journalism and Communication Sciences" (DGPuK),

"International Communication Association” (ICA),

"Institute for Spain, Portugal, and Latin America” at the University of Augsburg,

"Centre of European Studies"at the University of at the University of Bamberg (BACES),

1995-98 Deputy chairmanship of the German Association for Journalism and Communciation Sciences

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