Prof. Dr. Andrea Vestrucci


Adress: An der Weberei 5, 96047 Bamberg

Office hours: By appointment

Andrea Vestrucci (Ph.D., Ph.D.) works on Artificial Intelligence (AI) ethics and epistemology, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches.

1. In the field of AI ethics, Vestrucci’s work focuses on:

1.1. Exploring the intersection of AI regulations with Smart City projects and communities, including AI applications in healthcare.

1.2. Developing and implementing ontologies on AI ethics topics e.g. explainability, transparency, trustworthiness, and liability.

2.  With respect to AI epistemology, his work focuses on:

2.1. Encoding and assessing philosophical arguments in first-order and higher-order theorem provers via universal reasoning infrastructures.

2.2. Investigating how AI systems offer new ways to approach and understand limitative metatheorems and belief operations modeling.

In Vestrucci’s research, these topics interconnect with the following questions: the status of abstract objects (“categories”, “sets”, “god”…); the limits of language and the conditions of a universal language; the notions of dialogue and translation, esp. in pluralist settings.

Vestrucci was a Professor of Logic and Ethics at the Federal University in Fortaleza, Brazil, and a Researcher at the Consortium for Interdisciplinary Research, University of California, Berkeley. Currently he is also a Research Professor at the Starr King School, Oakland, California.

He received the Australia Award (Australian Ministry of Innovation and Research) and he is a Laureate of the Academic Society of Geneva, Switzerland.

Current Publications

Fehige, Yiftach/Vestrucci, Andrea (2022): On Thought Experiments, Theology, and Mathematical Platonism. In: Axiomathes 32, S. 1–12.

Vestrucci, Andrea (2022a): Deontic-doxastic belief revision and linear system model. In: Frontiers in Psychology 13, S. 1–5.

Vestrucci, Andrea (2022b): Introduction: Five steps toward a religion-AI dialogue. In: Zygon 57, S. 933–937.

Vestrucci, Andrea (2022c): Artificial Intelligence and God´s Existence: Connecting Philosophy of Religion and Computation. In: Zygon 57, S. 1000–1018.

Vestrucci, Andrea et al. (2021): Editor’s Note. In: International journal of interactive multimedia and artificial intelligence 7, S. 4–5.

Vestrucci, Andrea/Lumbreras, Sara/Oviedo, Lluis (2021): Can AI Help Us to Understand Belief?: Sources, Advances, Limits, and Future Directions. In: International journal of interactive multimedia and artificial intelligence 7, S. 24–33.

Vestrucci, Andrea (2019): Theology as freedom: on Martin Luther’s „De servo arbitrio“. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck.