New Bachelor Module on Reactive Systems Design

This summer semester, the SWT Chair is offering the new module Reactive Systems Design (SWT-RSD-B) to all students of the B.Sc. Informatik: Software Systems Science degree programme.

The new module  will be delivered by Dr. Eugene Yip and discusses the theoretical concepts and the engineering practice of the model-driven development of reactive systems software. Reactive systems are digital systems such as home automation systems and driver assistance systems, which continuously react to their environment by reading sensor values, computing output values and emitting those values to actuators.

The module's foci are on the synchronous programming paradigm, on automatic code generation from system models, on techniques for verifying and testing reactive systems, and on deploying and integrating reactive software components on a specific operating system and execution platform. The practicals will use and develop software for the N-gauge model railway SWTbahn, which is the SWT Chair’s demonstrator for the engineering of dependable software.