Master’s Degree Programme in Religious Literacy

Religions have been and remain a crucial factor in shaping cultures in nearly all parts of the world. They contribute to how individuals, groups and societies define themselves and others, they influence normative attitudes, political processes, and artistic works, and they are the subject of social negotiation.

The master’s programme in Religious Literacy is designed to enhance students’ ability to read and talk about religious matters so that they can make informed and competent judgements and independent decisions in professional contexts that require a high level of knowledge of the major monotheistic traditions.  

The focus of the master’s programme is on the development of an individual academic and professional profile. This is ensured, among other things, by a high degree of flexibility within the programme and an outstanding interdisciplinary profile in research and teaching.

At a glance

The degree programme at a glance

Final Examination

Master’s Examination (accompanying the programme)


Master of Arts (MA)

ECTS Points


Standard Programme Duration

4 semesters

Programme Start

Winter or summer semester

Type of Studies

Full-time and part-time possible

Admission and Enrolment

Application required

Language of Instruction


Language Training

Source language (Arabic, New Testament Greek, Hebrew); the scope of language training depends on the chosen specialisation

Studies Abroad

Possible but not required