Registration for courses and exams

Registration is not required for lectures and tutorials.

For seminars, however, registration is mandatory. Further information concerning the registration will be announced in the first class (usually in the first week of the semester). Please also take notice of the course information provided in UnivIS.

In order to take exams, you must register via FlexNow by the date set by the examination office.


Early notice of exam results

Under certain circumstances there exists the possibility of a pre-correction of an exam.

In that case please send your well-founded request to the secretary of the chair. Make sure that you send the request until the day before (!) of the respective exam, as it cannot be considered afterwards.


Post-exam review and post-correction

The dates for the post-exam review will be published by the examination office.

Notice: Post-correction is for correcting mistakes in the grading of (parts of) the exam. The mistakes must be stated in the official request for post-correction (e.g., mistake in the total number of points, not counting a correct answer). There is neither a universal right to a post-correction process, nor does this imply the review of the complete exam.

Well-founded requests can be sent within three weeks after the official exam review (dates are published by the examination office). Unfounded requests (e.g., general review of results because of failing) will not be accepted.

Requests for post-correction must be sent by email to the secretary of the chair, providing the following information:

1.      Personal information:

§  Family Name, Name

§  Immatriculation number

§  Field of studies

§  University email (

2.      Exam information

§  Exam or course title

§  Examination date

3.      Reasons for the request (with reference to exercise/parts of the exam)


Requests falling short of formal and time constraints will not be accepted.