Recommendation Letters

If you need a recommendation letter, please provide us with the following information:

  • detailed CV
  • transcript of records (FlexNow transcript)
  • other information you deem relevant

Furthermore, keep in mind to give us following information in your cover note:

  • What is the purpose and in which format do you need the evaluation?
  • In which language (German or English) should the evaluation be?
  • What is the deadline until we have to complete it?
  • What is the address of the institution, where we have to send the evaluation? Please note that usually we do not give you the evaluation personally.
  • Your mail address or phone number

Please send this information well ahead of time to Jan Schulz and Philipp Mundt.

Recommendation letters can be provided only in case

  • you have visited and successfully completed at least one specialised course besides Macroeconomics I at the Bachelor level, or
  • you have visited and successfully completed at least two specialised courses at the Master level,

which are offered by the chair of International Economics.