Dr. Philipp Mundt

Assistant Professor

Feldkirchenstr. 21
96052 Bamberg

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Philipp Mundt studied economics and business administration at the University of Kiel. After his graduation in both subjects in 2011, he continued his studies in the field of economics as a PhD student and as research assistant at the Chair of International Economics at the University of Bamberg. He received the doctoral degree for his thesis "A statistical equilibrium perspective on corporate profitability" in 2017. His current research focuses on diverse aspects of complexity and aggregation in economics, with applications in the fields of industry dynamics, production networks, and financial markets.


Science award from Deutsche Bundesbank (head office in Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Schleswig Holstein) for the diploma thesis "Systemic risk and financial contagion in network models of the banking sector".




  • „Peer effects in productivity and differential growth: a global value chain perspective“ with Ivan Savin, Uwe Cantner, Hiroyasu Inoue and Simone Vannucchini, Industrial and Corporate Change, forthcoming (DOI)

  • "Drivers of productivity change in global value chains: Reallocation vs. innovation" with Ivan Savin, Economics Letters, 220: 110878, 2022. (DOI)

  • "Survival and the ergodicity of corporate profitability", with Mishael Milaković and Simone Alfarano, Management Science, 68 (5): 3726-3734, 2022, (DOI)
  • "The formation of input-output architecture: evidence from the European Union“, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 183: 89-104, 2021. (DOI)
  • "Exploiting ergodicity in forecasts of corporate profitability", with Mishael Milaković and Simone Alfarano, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 111: 103820, 2020. (DOI)
  • "Asymmetric competition, risk, and return distribution", with Ilfan Oh, Economics Letters, 179: 29-32, 2019. (DOI)
  • "Gibrat's law redux: think profitability instead of growth" with M. Milaković and S. Alfarano, Industrial und Corporate Change, 25 (4): 549-571, 2016. (DOI)
  • "The real versus the financial economy: A global tale of stability versus volatility," with S. Alfarano, N. Förster and M. Milaković, Economics: The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal, 8: 2014-17, 2014. (DOI)

Current projects

  • "Regional value trees in Europe" with Lasare Samartzidis und Jan Schulz
  • "Tie formation in global production chains" with Alexander Hempfing, BERG Working Paper: 181, 2022. (pdf(1.1 MB))

Teaching experience


  • Macroeconomics 1 (Bachelor)
  • Introduction to International Finance (Bachelor)


  • Financial Engineering and Systemic Risk (Master)
  • Macroeconomics 1 (Bachelor)
  • Introduction to European and International Economics (Bachelor)