Examination Dates

1. All Studis (except of Lehramt/Erste Staatsprüfung)

Examination Dates WS 2021/22(516.7 KB, 37 pages)

Update 24/01/2022:
Correction of the examination date for "Grundlagen der Elementar- und Familienpädagogik A (Vorlesung)" - 18/03/2022

Update 18/01/2022:
Locations and start-times are now included in the timetable.

Update 19/11/2021:

Alternative examination format for "Empirical Monetary Macroeconomics" - Hausarbeit

Examination "Macroeconometric Analysis" deleted

Update 08/11/2021: Alternative examination format "Quantitative Forschungsmethoden in der Pädagogik" deleted

Update 28/10/2021: New examination date for UFC-B-01: Unternehmensführung I - 04/03/2022.


Please also take care of the detailed Corona-regularities on Corona-Infoseite (English Translation Available)


General Advices:

  • There will be alternative examination formats for some modules. They are separately listed in the examination schedule. Please keep in mind that further alternatvie examination formats may be possible.
  • Please arrive at the examination location at the latest 45 minutes before the examination begins.
  • Please keep in mind: there are ot enough parking spaces available for the locations Volkspark, Aula (Dominikanerbau) and Kapellenstraße 13. Please use the public transport or the bicycle.


If you particiate in more than one examination per day the examination office will schedule the times and locations, so the examinations will not take place at the same time. To be on the safe side inform the examination office about your situation by email - sowi.pruefungen(at)uni-bamberg.de.