What we do

General responsibilities

Individual representation of interests/Advice

  • depending on the personal interests of the students
  • protect students from arbitrary decisions by lecturers
  • provide information on rights, refer to legal consultancy service in the event of legal questions if necessary
  • our long-term objective is to improve the academic environment/communication
  • represent the academic, economic, and social interests of students in accordance with Section 52(2)(1) of the Bavarian Higher Education Act

Study regulations/Module handbooks/Office of Examinations

  • exercise influence on and have knowledge of the study and examination regulations as well as module handbooks
  • introduce, revise, and amend study and examination regulations in a transparent manner
  • improve or discontinue FlexNow
  • resolve cross-faculty issues, if necessary in the administrative committees in accordance with Section 52(2)(2) of the Bavarian Higher Education Act

Promotion of the intellectual, artistic, and sporting interests of students in accordance with the Section 52(2)(3) of the Bavarian Higher Education Act

  • organise and promote cultural events within and outside the student representative body (Kultursplitter talent show, faculty party, international evening; freie uni bamberg event programme, Kontakt Festival, information evenings, etc.)
  • support student initiatives

Fostering relations with German and international students

  • outreach and public relations at the university
  • communicate/contact with students
  • communicate with organisations for international students/International Office
  • support international evenings and get-to-know evenings for German and international students
  • in accordance with Section 52(2)(4) of the Bavarian Higher Education Act

 Motivate students to get involved in working groups as institute contacts etc.

 Raise students’ political awareness and strengthen student co-determination in the 
  administrative committees

 Expand networking among the student representatives

 Constant exchange and contact between student representatives and lecturers (e.g.
  meetings with professors)