The active members of the Humanities Student Council at the University of Bamberg met to define their tasks and goals. The following key points were developed as a result:


The student council is committed to the free and democratic basic order and distances itself from anti-constitutional, anti-democratic, extremist, nationalist, chauvinistic, anti-Semitic and racist tendencies. We take a stand on political issues that affect the university, but do not see ourselves as a political group or as belonging to a party.

Principle of volunteer work

The involvement of members, both elected and non-elected, is voluntary. Each person contributes to the work of the student council according to their individual abilities and interests. Cooperation between students from different year groups is essential for the work of the student council and is based on the current group composition.

The tasks and goals of the Humanities student council are:

General: To represent the interests of all students of the Faculty of Humanities and Cultural Studies, both in the committees and commissions of the university as well as beyond.

  1. We send our members to the Faculty Council, the Student Parliament, the university-wide and faculty-wide Study Grant Commission and the Standing Commission for Teaching and Students, but also to the Bavarian Student Council (bayStuRa) in order to network with other student representatives throughout the state.
  2. In the StuPa, we see it as our task to improve the situation of students both within and outside the University of Bamberg. Through our joint work with the rest of the student representatives in the StuPa and various inter-faculty and inter-university committees, we help to represent and implement the interests of the entire student body.
  3. We oppose any conceivable form of discrimination based on origin, skin color, gender, age, religion, disability, body size or sexual orientation and actively participate in the removal of barriers to studying; this includes, among other things, the use of gender-equitable language.
  4. We see ourselves as a mediator between students and lecturers, but we also promote the improvement of communication and networking between the various interest groups at the university.
  5. We offer students a neutral point of contact for problems and questions.
  6. We provide information and content that enables, facilitates and improves studying at the University of Bamberg.
  7. We motivate students to actively participate in university politics and university life.
  8. We promote and support cultural events, student projects and university groups that are committed to ecological and social issues (financially, materially and/or in terms of personnel).
  9. We evaluate courses on behalf of the Dean of Studies in order to ensure the quality of teaching.
  10. We are responsible for coordinating the institute contact persons (IAPs).