Bachelor of Arts in Classical Philology – Greek Studies | Latin Studies

Programme Abstract

The literature of ancient Greece and Rome spans a period of around 1,500 years from the Homeric epics, which mark the beginning of Western literature, to the works of Christian Late Antiquity. It expresses various world views and ways of thinking through an immense range of genres, which exist to this day: epics, dramas, lyric poetry, novels, historiography, philosophical works and technical texts. It has had an enormous impact that is still felt today.

The degree programme in Classical Philology teaches you to understand these texts with all their linguistic and cultural aspects and appreciate their significance to our own culture. Our excellent student-teacher ratio guarantees an intensive exchange between lecturers and students. Thanks to close connections with other philological, cultural and classical disciplines, Classical Philology at the University of Bamberg offers a comparative perspective, a wide range of methods and a flexible course structure that enables students to pursue their own academic interests.

Bachelor of Arts in Classical Philology – Greek Studies or Latin Studies

Please note that there are two bachelor's degree programmes in Classical Philology at the University of Bamberg: the Bachelor of Arts in Greek Studies and the Bachelor of Arts in Latin Studies.

Alternatively, you can study both subjects as a major/minor combination within the scope of your bachelor's degree programme.

We recommend that you consult the Subject-Specific Advisory Service when making concrete plans.

Please note: all bachelor's degree courses in Classical Philology can be started in the summer or winter semester.

The Degree Programme at a Glance

Programme abstract 

Final Examination

Bachelor's Examination (accompanying the programme)
TitleBachelor of Arts
ECTS Points180
Standard Programme Duration6 semesters
Programme Start Winter or summer semester
Type of StudiesFull-time and part-time possible
Admission Unlimited


The bachelor's degree programmes in Classical Philology were reaccredited within the scope of the internal accreditation process in 2018. For our students, this means that the courses, their structures and contents meet the quality requirements of our internal accreditation council.
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