The Politics of Romanticism

The 17th international conference of the Gesellschaft für englische Romantik (German Society for English Romanticism)


All panels on Thursday and Friday take place at U2/01.33, all panels on Saturday and Sunday take place at U2/00.25. Click here for directions.

Thursday, October 5

Venue: U2/01.33


14.00-14.30 Welcome Addresses

  • Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kempgen, Vice-president of the University of Bamberg
  • Prof. Dr. Markus Behmer, Dean of the Humanities Faculty of the University of Bamberg
  • Prof. Dr. Jens Martin Gurr, President of the German Society for English Romanticism

14.30-15.30  Keynote 1

  • Mark Philp (Warwick, UK)
    Resisting Politics and Politicization in the 1790s

15.30-17.15 Panel I: Political Culture of the 1790s

  • David Duff (London, UK)
    The Prospectus War of the 1790s: Literature, Politics and Advertising
  • Anthony J. Harding (Emeritus, University of Saskatchewan)
    Romanticism and the Politics of Dissent: From Religious Liberty to Romantic Radicalism
  • Rolf Lessenich (Emeritus, Bonn, NRW)
    William Godwin's Travels of St Leon and Romantic Scepticism

17.15-17.45 COFFEE

17.45-19.00 Panel II: Charlotte Smith

  • Kirsty Harris (Cambridge, UK)
    Ill-starr'd Wanderers: Exile, Refuge and Charlotte Smith's The Emigrants
  • Katrin Röder (Potsdam, BB)
    Education, Citizenship and the Proliferation of Narrators in Charlotte Smith's Desmond and The Young Philosopher

 19.30 DINNER at Scheiners am Dom

Friday, October 6

Venue: U2/01.33


9.00-10.00 Keynote 2

  • Nicholas Roe (St Andrews, UK)
    The "Radical Years" Revisited

10.00-11.45 Panel III: Lakers and Friends

  • Mark Bruhn (Denver, CO)
    Wordsworth's Politics in 1794: Augury of Crisis or Adjunct of Recovery?
  • Jacob Lloyd (Oxford, UK)
    'A fine place to talk treason': The Politics of Retirement in the Poetic Dialogue of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and John Thelwall
  • Robert W. Rix (Copenhagen, DK)
    Walking with the Devil:  Romantic-Satirical Tradition

11.45-13.30 LUNCH

13.30-15.15 Panel IV: The Nation, Europe and the Other

  • Cian Duffy (Lund, S)
    "One of the most remarkable events in modern times": The "Romantic" Politics of "Copenhagenization"
  • Stefanie Fricke (München, BY)
    Barbary Captivity in the Romantic Age
  • Dennis Weißenfels (Duisburg-Essen, NRW)
    Romanticising an English Icon: Political Myth-Making and Romantic Nationalism in John Bull's Bible

15.15-15.45 COFFEE

15.45-17.00 Panel V: Politics, Language, and Form

  • Theresa M. Kelley (Madison, WI)
    Analogy and the Work of (Political) Difference
  • Gavin Sourgen (Boca Raton, FL)
    The Politics of Romantic Spenserianism

17.00-18.15 Panel VI: The Day Ends With Music

  • Ian Duncan (Berkeley, CA)
    Don Giovanni, the "last real aristocrat"
  • Christoph Heyl (Duisburg-Essen, NRW)
    The Pastoral or New Bagpipe: A Musical Rediscovery and its Political Implications

19.00 DINNER at Weinhaus Messerschmitt

Saturday, October 7

Venue: U2/00.25


9.00-10.00 Keynote 3

  • Peter Kitson (Norwich, UK)
    Romantic Nationalism, De Quincey and the Politics of the Opium War

10.00-10.30 COFFEE

10.30-12.15 Panel VII: The Legacy of Romanticism

  • Miroslawa Modrzewska & Grazyna Tomaszewska (Gdansk, PL)
    The Institution of Romanticism in Polish Culture
  • Mihaela Irimia (Bucharest, RO)
    Decebalus's Ancestral Voice Prophesying National Unity: Romanian Romanticism and the Politics of Ethno-Genetic Identity
  • Mathelinda Nabugodi (Newcastle, UK)
    Wirkung and Wirklichkeit: Bertolt Brecht and Walter Benjamin's Reception of Percy Bysshe Shelley's Political Verse

12.15-13.45 LUNCH

13.45-15.00: Panel VIII: Post-Peterloo (1)

  • Katharina Rennhak (Wuppertal, NRW)
    Domestic Discontent and Cruel Optimism: The Politics of Affect in Mary Shelley's Narrative Fiction
  • Angela Esterhammer (Toronto, ON)
    Power, Performance, and Political Economy in John Galt's Fiction

15.30 Guided city tour

18.00 Festive get-together at U2/00.25

19.00 Free dinner and drinks at Orlando Spaghetteria sponsored by Christoph Bode and Helga Doerks-Bode

Sunday, October 8

Venue: U2/00.25


10.00-11.00 Keynote 4

  • Tilottama Rajan (London, ON)
    Godwin and the Persistence of Dissensus

11.00-11.30 COFFEE

11.30-12.45 Panel IX: Post-Peterloo (2)

  • Judith Thompson (Halifax, NS)
    'Affiance on affiance multiply': John Thelwall and the Hope of Future Time
  • Frederick Burwick (Los Angeles, CA, UCLA)
    The Political Allegory of Shelley's Oedipus Tyrannus; or, Swellfoot the Tyrant

12.45-14.30 LUNCH