Letters of recommendation

Due to the increasing demand for letters of recommendation, the chair had to formalize the process. Please consider all the following criteria before handing in requests for letters of recommendation:

General Information

  • Send recommendation letter requests via postal mail to vwl-mikro@uni-bamberg.de.
  • Recommendation letters will be written only if at least two exam of Prof. Heineck's courses have been completed by the applicant.
  • No more than two letters of recommendation will be written by Prof. Heineck.
  • The entire address of the receiving party of the letter of recomendation must be given in case of an application at a foreign university.
  • Along with the recommendation letter requests, please hand in a summary of all grades (extracted from FlexNow).
  • Finished recommendation letters will be received personally as a sealed envelope or mailed directly to the address handed in (e.g. other university/institution).

Content of a letter of recommendation

  • The letter is widely standardized
  • The letter's header contains the address of the university, institution, or person the letter will be sent to.
  • The letter will reflect the applicant's academic performance using all results from exams completed up to this time. The recommendation may be also "average" or "below average".
  • The letter of recommendation only explicitly mentiones grades received in Prof. Heineck's courses, grades received in other courses won't be mentioned.
  • Other activities which are not directly associated with the applicant's studies will not be mentioned.