Business acquisition and valuation – A practical example

TypeAdvanced Seminar
ECTS Points6
Teaching CycleSummer Semester (starting SS 2016)
Type of ExaminationPresentation

Teaching Staff

WP/StB Andreas Suerbaum, Armin Hagel



Based on a case study, selected topics of business valuation are enlarged. Students elucidate economic bases and relationships as well as discussing valuation issues.

This seminar is focused on the practical application of valuation theory, for which a practical situation is simulated. An integrated budget overview is prepared, which serves as a base case for the subsequent valuation tasks. The business value is deduced from this base case via DCF model. In a second step, the base case is reconciled with a binding offer. Students, working partly in teams, conduct business valuation, present their results concisely and understandably, explain their position/results and negotiate, answer queries as well as dealing with critical objections.

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