Accounting in accordance with the German Commercial Code

TypeLectures/Practical Seminars/Tutorials
ECTS Points6
Teaching CycleSummer Semester
Type of ExaminationWritten exam(60 Minutes)

Teaching Staff

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Eierle,Anna Gröner, Armin Hagel, Danny Hendel


none, but prior bookkeeping knowledge is strongly recommended



In this module the basic principles of Commercial Accounting together with Tax Accounting will be taught and current variations of accounting strategies will be discussed. In the corresponding practice sessions, knowledge acquired will be applied through practical case studies.

Key learning topics are:

  • Functions of  business accounting
  • Legal basis for the preparation of business accounts in Germany
  • Basic elements of accounts reporting
  • Reporting of  fixed assets
  • Reporting of  current assets
  • Reporting of  equity capital
  • Reporting of debt capital
  • Deferred taxation
  • Accruals and deferred income
  • Profit and loss accounting
  • Notes
  • Management report
  • Filing and auditing

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