International network

    1. It is planned to hold two intern dissertation colloquiums per term, where all professors and doctoral students of the doctoral college will take part. During this dissertation colloquium the doctoral students will present the conceptual and methodical aspects of their dissertation project and report on their progress. Any problems within the research process will be discussed in a confidential and open way in plenary. Furthermore, there will be brown-bag seminars within a smaller circle for thorough discussion of specific questions.
    2. External scientists who work on similar research fields as the doctoral students will be invited twice or three times per semester. These scientists will hold public guest lectures on their current research project as well as short workshops with the doctoral students, where they report on methodical renewals. Furthermore, they serve as additional contact persons for the dissertation projects of the doctoral students. This aims to improve the methodological competences as well as to provide a networking platform for the doctoral students. The selection of the lecturers will be a corporate decision together with the doctoral students.
    3. In cooperation with the Hans-Böckler Foundation a workshop will be held together with the Institute for Macroeconomics and Economic Research (IMK) to improve the knowledge transfer and to provide an open exchange of ideas between the doctoral students and the IMK resp. HBS researchers.
    4. In the second year of their dissertation the doctoral students will get the possibility to hold a seminar on their research field, either individually or in groups. This opens an opportunity for the doctoral students to take a critical look at their research work by interacting with the Bamberg students and at the same time gain teaching experience.
    5. It is self-evident that systematic tutoring and advice of the individual doctoral students will be available which will optimize the feasability, compliance with the research time schedule, scientific training by means of strategic conference participation and lectures as well as the publication of research results. Thus the success of possibly all dissertation projects shall be secured.
    6. The existing research network of the participating professors aims to cross-connect the doctoral students on a national and international level. This is to be achieved not only by participating in workshops and conferences of this network but also one- or two-months research stays in  research centres as CeNDEf in Amsterdam, the New School for Social Research in New York City or the Universitat Jaume I in Castellón (Spain).
    7. Furthermore the doctoral students will have the possibility to participate in events organised by the Hans-Böckler-Foundation in order to develop skills on University didactics etc. This also serves to incorporate them into the network of HBS doctoral students and thus to shape and strengthen their social responsibility.