Attendance of research-oriented courses

All doctoral students should attend the following advanced and research-oriented courses within the first year of their doctoral studies:

a. Disequilibrium and Behavioral Macroeconomics (Prof. Dr. Christian Proaño)
b. Complexity and Distribution in Economics (Prof. Dr. Milakovic)
c. Financial Dynamics (Finanzmarktdynamik) (Prof. Dr. Westerhoff)
d. Financial Macroeconomics (Prof. Dr. Christian Proaño)
e. The Economics of Inequality (Prof. Dr. Milakovic)
f. Dynamic Economic Policy (Dynamische Wirtschaftspolitik) (Prof. Dr. Westerhoff)

Within these courses the intention is not only to reach an alignment of the existing knowledge of all doctoral students but also to build a common basis for synergy effects between all doctoral projects. During this period the doctoral students shall render three examination performances (term paper, presentation) out of the six courses. This serves as an "on-the-job training" with regard to the tight schedule of the doctoral projects and provides for the doctoral students the opportunity to clarify their research projects, plans and strenghts already at an early stage.