ZEP - Journal of International Education Research and Development Education

Future visions of development education are widely unknown today. Our global habitat and everyday worlds is developing in contexts which become more and more complex. Old certainties are dissolving; new patterns of orientation can rarely be identified. Thus it becomes harder to find reasonable answers to the new challenges that are meaningful for development education; answers which make it possible to impart knowledge and behavior for a future-oriented living.

The editors and the editorial board of the Journal for international educational research and development education have established a periodical which since 1978 has made development education and international educational research publicly available.

In the different issues of the journal, complex theoretical contexts are picked up and explained while at the same time experiences and problems from a practical perspective are discussed in a way that they feed relevant impulses back into the scientific discourse.

The journal addresses educationalists working in the domain of development education and scientists from neighboring disciplines as well as those who are interested in global learning and development cooperation in schools and elsewhere.