Dr. Martin Aleksandrov (DFG Project, FU Berlin)

E-Mail: martin.aleksandrov(at)fu-berlin.de

Office address: Arnimallee 7, 14195 Berlin

Office hours: on Agreement

Martin Aleksandrov is a post-graduate researcher at the FU Berlin. His research is focused on Artificial Intelligence, Computational Social Choice, Fair Division, Economic Inequality, Autonomous Vehicles, Data-driven Logistics, and Explainable AI. One of his current projects funded by a DFG Individual Research Grant concerns Fairness and Efficiency in Emerging Vehicle Routing Problems. Together with Prof. Dr. Christoph Benzmüller, he investigates questions of how shared autonomous vehicles can be modeled and used in a fair and efficient manner. The project will tackle these questions by using ideas from Computational Social Choice and Vehicle Routing Problems, thus laying down the foundations of a new research field, namely Social Vehicle Routing Problems.

Further information on Aleksandrov and his research can be found on his personal website: https://martofena.github.io.