Recognition of credit earned abroad

Course and examination credit earned abroad are recognised if their content and examination requirements are equivalent to those of the respective degree programme.

Requests for recognition must be made as soon as possible and immediately following the end of the stay abroad.

The current versions of the request forms must be used.

Learning Agreements

A Learning Agreement(166.3 KB) (166.3 KB) is a prerequisite for the recognition of credit earned abroad. The Learning Agreement must be arranged with the responsible University of Bamberg subject advisor prior to the start of the period abroad. Subsequent changes to the Learning Agreement must be discussed with and approved by the subject advisor.

Equivalence of modules (examination regulations as of 2015)(83.7 KB) (112.2 KB)

Request for recognition

You must request the recognition of credit as soon as you have received an official confirmation from the university abroad concerning course work and examinations completed (examination certificate, confirmed list of marks, Transcript of Records, etc.).

First, fill in the request for recognition(19.2 KB, 2 pages) (19.2 KB, 2 pages).

Present the form and a copy of the confirmation of course and examination credit completed at the university abroad to the subject advisor with whom you arranged the Learning Agreement. The subject advisor will confirm in writing whether credit for examinations and course work are recognised. Once you have received the confirmation of individual credits, please submit the request for recognition to the Examining Board together with the following documents:

  • Request for recognition
  • Learning Agreements
  • Confirmation of individual credits by the subject advisor
  • Copy of the confirmation of the course work and examinations completed at the university abroad (original documents must be presented)

If you send your request by mail, the copies of the documents must be certified.