City4Future - Develop Your Own Climate Friendly City

Where does our energy come from and how is it transformed, transmitted and stored? Is it possible to do this in a completely sustainable way? How can we improve engery efficency issues in our buildings?  Can we develop a climate neutral city within 10 years of time? 

Jacqueline Dreischer and her research team submerge into these questions from an educational perspective. In cooperation with "Wissensfabrik" and the Wuppertal Institute of Climate, Environment und Energy, the project City4Future  aims to create a learning environment that enables learners of science education classes to model future urban spaces via experimentation and exploration. Questions about energy supply, climate change and sustainability are adressed to students. Thus, leading them to an exciting journey towards a sustainable and climate friendly future.

project management: Jacqueline Dreischer & Prof. Dr. Denis Messig

project members: Petra Nägel, Dr. Jutta Paulini, Tanja Zacher