Central registration period for Master's seminars

There is a central registration period for all Master's seminars of ​​the Chair of Management Accounting. This period includes the last two weeks of the semester break for each semester. You will then receive confirmation in the first week of the semester.

Registration closed.

If the number of registrations exceeds the course capacity, a selection will be made after the registration deadline according to the progress of studies in the Management Accounting department, measured by the number and relevance of the courses completed in this area. With your registration you make a binding declaration that you will take part in the event if you are admitted, otherwise the seminar is considered "failed". Therefore, please note any overlapping times in advance. Please also find out in advance in which area you can include the course according to the module handbook and whether you have enough ECTS free in this area. The FlexNow registration is carried out by the chair. If you are accepted, you will also be entered into the VC course of the respective course by the chair.