Talk series: How to (:) Open Linguistics

In addition to the general sessions and thematic workshops, BICLCE 2019 will include a series of talks under the title "How to (:) Open Linguistics". Integrated into the conference programme, these 30-minute slots target issues and best practices related to the replication crisis from a practical perspective.

Among the confirmed talks are the following:

- Why and how to preregister your study (Timo Röttger, Northwestern University)

- Making your research reproducible: Tools and tips (Stefan Hartmann, University of Bamberg)

- Analyzing language data: Recurring issues (Lukas Sönning, University of Bamberg)

- Visualizing uncertainty using model-based graphs (Jan Vanhove, University of Fribourg)

- Bayesian inference as an alternative paradigm (Bruno Nicenboim, University of Potsdam)